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Running a marathon? Climbing a mountain? Yeah, that’s tough. But how about building an app? Configuring a database? That’s tough too. You care about performance—work performance. When a project keeps you at your desk, you need fast, easy nutrition that keeps you full. And doesn’t taste like dessert.

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Savory nutrition, no shortcuts

Spacebar is not a snack, it’s a meal. Each bar contains ingredients rich in minerals and low in fat that deliver complete proteins, all nine essential amino acids, and loads of B-vitamins, iron and calcium. No sugar, no dairy, no nuts. In the satisfyingly savory flavors of pizza, burrito, curry and edamame.

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A delicious jolt of pure nutrition.

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The buzz

The Spacebar app keeps track of your flavor profile and allows you to set up notifications on your Apple Watch when it’s time to eat.

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